Solar power irrigati
Solar Pumping System can be applied to daily use (ground water), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, wastewater treatment engineering
Solar Irrigaion PumpSolar is a pumping device powered by solar energy, consists of a solar pumping inverter and a deeo well pump, mainly used for agriculture irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry and so on.
Solar power inverter converts DC current from the solar array into AC current to drive the electricity appliance. With the function of MPPT (maximum power point tracking).
Home solar power system is Energy saving and Environment protection product, which well suitable for household lighting, outdoor working and exploration, village area, grazed area and frontier post where no mains electricity.
Solar Street Light, with two panels, will support a stronger light power to illuminate larger areas. Thus it is ideal for street lighting, sidewalk lighting, campus lighting, farm & ranch lighting, wildlife area lighting...
The solar power containerized cold room is that we put cold room and refrigeration unit in one ISO container,20' or 40'. we use solar power to drive refrigeration unit without city power supply.
The single axis tracking system offers a simple solution and is more commonly used. As the name implies, a single axis tracking system is a system that only moves over one axis, horizontal or vertical.
280W poly solar panel, solar cells with TUV, IEC, CE for solar systems
LiFePo4 battery,long cycle life and good consistency,high energy density and super safety,widely used for electric likes,wheel chair,etc
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