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SolarChill — Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Save Human Lives

SolarChill aims to help deliver vaccines and refrigeration to regions of the world without electricity or with inadequate electrical supply. Solar Chill is developing a versatile refrigeration technology that is environmentally sound, battery free, technologically reliable, affordable and multi-source powered.

SolarChill bridges health, development and environmental issues through practical cooperation between major international organizations, research institutes and industry.

Successful public health programs rely on the availability of high-quality vaccines, which must be continuously cooled to remain effective. The network of cooling equipment that ensures that vaccines are kept at the proper temperature as they are distributed from the manufacturer to the locations where they are administered is called the 'cold chain'.

Maintaining the required vaccine 'cold chain' is problematic in those parts of the world that are off the electrical grid or where the electrical supply is unstable. Weak links in the current 'cold chain' in such places results in large quantities and millions of dollars worth of spoiled vaccines each year.

SolarChill technology is posed to make an important contribution to the vaccine 'cold chain' in most developing countries.

SolarChill prototypes have been successfully field tested over an 18 month period, in Senegal, Indonesia and Cuba . At an ambient temperature of 32° Centigrade, the optimized prototypes maintained the required temperatures of 2° to 8° Centigrade under normal use, as well as a hold over temperature of 10° - 15° Centigrade for more than six days without any solar energy.

The SolarChill Vaccine Cooler Project is now entering the Deployment Phase. Since recommended equipment for storage of vaccines has to comply with a set of performance standards defined by WHO and UNICEF, the SolarChill technology has been submitted for WHO approval.

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