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Wireless temperature monitoring system

1.Wireless data transmission for processing,transportation and storage(Maximum distance 2000meters)

2.Real Time Temperature (and optional Humidity)display via computer.

3.One or Two Pre-Calibrated Temperature or combinedTemp/Humidity Sensor)

4.Real time temperature (humidity) graph - choose °Cor °F

5.Compact size fits anywhere: (81 x 90 x 25 mm)

6.Logs temperature readings to graph or table foreasy integration into custom applications

7.Fully reliable real-time wireless monitoringnetwork

8.Multiple alarms including SMS to any location

9.Up to 65,000 units per network for long rangemonitoring

10.Temperature monitor range -200℃~500℃

11.Worldwide license-free 2.4 GHz band11.Includes Free Software Upgrades for all products.




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