New energy solution


Detailed Product Description

with double channel easy operationhigh accuracy and low watt consumptionwaterproofing property LCD display

 General descriptions:

It's mainly applied to storage and cold chain transportation of the foodstuff and medicine, used in the walks of life which are accordant with HACCP System Certificate as well. Furthermore, it can be used in locales where need temperature supervision, such as labs.


Main features:

With double channel

stable performance

easy operation

data not missing even when power off

high accuracy and low power consumption

well waterproof property

LCD display working mode and temperature data information

well data-deal interface etc.


Technical Parameters:

Power supply: One 2.4Ah 3.6V non- chargeable lithium battery

Temperature measuring range: -40.0~+120.0oC

Accuracy: ±0.5oC

Resolution: 0.1

Recording cycle: 2 seconds~24hours adjustable

Recording capacity: each of double channels has 8000 points  (Max.)

Ambient environment of shell: Temperature: -35~+70oC Humidity: 0%~95% (No condensate)

Data output: connect the computer with USB interface to transfer data

External sensor: PT1000

Safe level:  IP65



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