Solar power irrigati

Lithium Battery For Solar Power

Main Features:


1. Built-in Battery Management.

This lithium battery pack have a built-in Electronic battery Management system(BMS), this system monitors every individual cell ensuring that the battery can not be over-discharged or over charged. 

2. Longer Battery Life 

This lithium battery have a nominal life of 2000cycles (charges/discharges) compared with a standard lead-acid battery which is rated for up to 200cycles. This means this Li-ion battery will complete 10x more rounds of Normal Lead-acid battery in same voltage and capacity.  

3. More Usable Power 

Over 90% of the charge in this lithium battery pack is available to power your equipments. This means more usable power from this battery, making it much more efficient in powering your equipments  

4.  75% Lighter 

This lithium battery pack weights only 6.5kg, light enough to pick up with one hand!    

5. Shorter charge time 

This Lithium battery pack have specially designed, electronically controlled chargers which will charge it in less 5 hours. 


LiFePo4 battery,long cycle life and good consistencyhigh energy density and super safetywidely used for electric likes,wheel chair,etc.

l  Model:

l  TB-12100F

l  Type

l  LiFeP04 battery with PCM

l  Nominal voltage:

l  12.8V

l  Typical capacity

l  100 Ah

l  Internal lmpedance{1kHz AC)

l  <60 mΩ

l  Max Charge voltage

l  14.6±0.05V

l  Discharge  cut-off voltage

l  9.2±05V

l  Max charge current

l  50A

l  Max continuous discharge current

l  100 A

l  Max pulse discharge current

l  350A (2s)

l  Charging  temperature

l  0℃~45

l  Discharging temperature

l  -20℃~60

l  Storage temperature

l  -20℃~45

l  About 2000 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD uixler 20 *C -25*C

l  SizeL*W*H)

l  327*172*216mm

l  Weight:

l  approx.15.5kg

l  Application:Forklift. clean car. and energy systems,attractions,tour,hybrid vehicle and so on

l  We can offer model: 12V 80Ah




















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