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Solar Tracker Mounting System



The single axis tracking system offers a simple solution and is more commonly used. As the name implies, a single axis tracking system is a system that only moves over one axis, horizontal or vertical. 

The horizontal type is generally used in tropical regions where direct sunlight is strong but duration of daylight is short. 

The vertical type is typically used in regions with high latitudes where direct sunlight is less strong but duration of daylight is long. 


Technical  Features


-Mounting system may be tilted up to 100º

-Azimuth tracking range of -110º to +110º (East to West)

-Tracking accuracy up to 0.2 º

-Extensive warranty period of 5 to 15 years


The Advantage of Solar Energy


The dual solar tracking system adjusts the position of PV modules to follow the sun both vertically and transversely. Because it can tilt on both azimuth and zenith axes, the dual-axis tracking system follows the sun daily and seasonally, always positioning the solar array so that it optimally faces the sun, producing about 40% more power than an optimally aligned fixed-frame system.


• “Z” Type structure: Gravity center of the frame is coincided with the axis of the mechanics, what can keep  the balance of the two sides; reduce the power consumption; increase the lifetime of the motor and the mechanics.



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