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Solar generator system is Energy saving and Environment protection product, which well suitable for household lighting, outdoor working and exploration, village area, grazed area and frontier post where no mains electricity.

Features and Specification:

1. Solar Energy system is green energy product. For it no need fuels like oil, gas, coal. it can turn the sunshine energy to electricity directly. The system can be great help for village people where no mains electricity.

2.400Wmulti-crystalline(mono-crystalline) silicon Solar panel, it is covered by tempering glass with aluminum edges. The galvanized iron bracket, it is stable and practice.

3. Digital LED display can help you operate easily and high efficiency. Only need you press the "turn on" , "turn off" button, no need debugging for starting work.

4. Overload, over-temperature, over-discharge, short circuit protection ensure longer Power Hub life

5. Digital LED display indicates battery capacity status, working power, output can help you know the solar generator active condition.

6. Solar generator system can provide electricity automatic for grid once mains electric supply interrupt. so solar generator system can assure you home appliance or computer normally work.

8. Built-in 400Ah maintain-free battery and sine wave inverter, ensure high- capacity of electricity and the system can work long time.

7.1kw output power with DV12, 220AC output connector can run dvd player. TV, fan. computer, rice cooker, water dispenser, hair drier, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, electric driller.etc appliance.

8. We can provide solar fan, solar ceiling light according to requirement.

9. Weight: solar panel_20kg,generator-80kg.totally 100KG.

10. Dimension of Generator: 650*600*420mm. dimension of carton: 800*500*710mm

11. Dimension of Solar panel: 680*12000*350mm*4; Dimension of Carton: 1250*65*80mm (2pcs package)

12. For high-power appliance, please choose our other solar generator accordingly.

12. Quality is life for the company, we provide high quality solar generator system. we can design the solar generator system according to customer's demand, the maximum output power can be 60kw


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