Solar power irrigati

Solar Pumping System

Technical features


Optimization of Single Pump System

A single solar system consists of only one pump, a power -matched solar array and an inverter . The aim of optimization is to reduce the amount of PV modules as much as possible on the premise of filling the requirement of head and capacity. The rotational speed of pump is regulated according to the irradiation on the solar array; when the sunlight reaches its peak, the pump runs at the rated speed, and the output approaches the peak power of the solar array; when the sunlight is less abundant, the speed of pump varies bellow the range of the rated speed; when the speed as low as the capacity becomes zero, the solar pumping system stops working. So, there are big differences between solar water pump systems and traditional pumping systems in system design, and the system should be optimized according to the requirements of head, capacity, and local conditions of sunlight. 

•Determine the optimal average daily operating time and the range of speed governing.
•Choose the optimal head and capacity of the pump. 
•Determine the maximum power of PV modules, the best working voltage and method of connection.
Optimization of Multi-pump Systems´╝Ü
There are several pumps in a multi-pump system. The pumps can be driven either by only one high-power inverter, or by several matching inverters. In the case of large capacity demand, the operation of the multi-pump system is more flexible. By switching solar arrays and pumps, all of the pumps run in MPPT mode when the sunlight is abundant, while some pumps will be shut down and all solar arrays supply power intensively for the rest running pumps when irradiation is weak. Based on the optimization of single pump system, the range of speed can be further optimized, and the solar water pump system always works with high efficiency.




Model Rated Power ( kW ) Rated Voltage ( V ) Head ( M ) Daily Flow ( ㎥/ D )
PS370 0.37 220 20-35 15-7.5 
PS550 0.55 220 15-52  30-7.5 
PS750 0.75 220 6-61  70-7.5 
PS1100 1.1 220 9-73 70-7.5 
PS1500 1.5 220 6.5-95  110-7.5 
PS2200 2.2 220 10-133  110-7.5 
PS3000 3 380 4-169 250-10 
PS4000 4 380 8-207 315-10 
PS5500 5.5 380 17-181 250-15 
PS7500 7.5 380 15-237 400-15 
PS9200 9.2 380 12-139  500-40 
PS11000 11 380 22-159  400-40
PS15000 15 380 18-209  500-40 
PS18500 18.5 380 24-165 500-80 



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