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Solar-Diesel Hybrid Generator System

TMP Scientific design and offer Stand-alone PV / diesel hybrid mini grid systems which powered by PV array with diesel generators and use DC&AC coupling configuration together for highest system performance.

Hybrid power systems have total power up to 100KVAļ¼ŒThese hybrid systems generated electrical energy from PV array to reduce the diesel consumption and continuous supply power to remote villages. This system could supply 1 kW electrical power with 8 kWh of energy per one family. it provide electricity for improve quality of living and enhance opportunity to do more economic activities for remote area.

TMP Scientific off-grid hybrid systems determine total power by combination of PV, Bi-directional battery inverter, grid connected inverter, and diesel generators together. The hybrid system can generate energy and supply electrical power to users.

The hybrid system combine PV at DC coupling and PV at AC coupling to generated energy from the sun to supply load. The AC coupling is designed based on day time load while DC coupling is designed to charge battery for using load at night time. Both DC and AC coupling work with both main inverters and diesel generator to generate 24 hours high reliable electricity from PV and diesel fuel to inhabitants of the remote villages.

The systems operate in fully automatic from black start with diesel generators to energize medium voltage transformer and distribution line after the system is energized and hybrid system supervisory controller found that load is low then it will switch to supply the mini grid by Bi-directional battery inverters and stop all diesel generator.

During day time, grid connected inverter will feed energy from PV to the system at AC distribution line and these energy will flow to supply load directly and the excess energy can be used to charge battery. As system is designed to supply day time load by AC coupling thus most of energy at day time generated by AC coupling will be consumed by load with high conversion efficiency.

The PV at DC coupling is connected to MPPT charger controller which will charge battery and in case that load consume power more than grid connected inverter can generated then the balance will be from the DC coupling through bi-directional inverter.

At night time when the AC coupling configuration cannot supply power to load, the bi-directional inverter shall supply load by using energy stored in battery. When connected load power is higher than total power of bi-directional inverter or energy stored in battery is low, the diesel generator will be started. Once, the bi-directional inverter start the supervisory controller to operate the diesel generator at the most optimum fuel efficiency and select the proper power rating for supplying to the system.

This hybrid system also operate with System Monitoring Unit and monitoring the system data and parameters,tracking and analyzing the system operation and efficiency any time.


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